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Bridging Reliability

Across Africa and the Middle East

Your Trusted Third-Party Maintenance Specialists.

Empowering through innovative solutions and exceptional service

Third Party Maintenance

Reliable third-party maintenance for uninterrupted operational excellence.

IT hardware maintenance solutions from Oredax drive cost savings, enhance performance, and promote environmental sustainability through effective management and support.

Professional Services

Expert solutions, tailored to elevate your business success.

Oredax provides comprehensive IT services tailored to optimize your business technology, including consulting, development, integration, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions

Datacenter Support

Reliable Solutions, Seamless Data Center Support

Oredax ensures peak performance and security for your datacenter infrastructure. We provide personalized hardware, software, and networking management, tailored security, backup, recovery, and strategic updates

OEM Reseller

Powering innovation with premier IT OEM solutions

Oredax serves as a crucial IT Reseller, curating and delivering high-quality products, bridging manufacturers and end-users with streamlined efficiency.

Parts Supply

Parts supply solutions that keep your operations seamless.

Oredax simplifies IT parts supply with cutting-edge components: CPUs, OPUs, RAM, and storage solutions, ensuring reliable integration with Mainboards.

Disposal Services

Secure, sustainable IT disposal for a greener future.

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Consulting Services

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Top Supported Brands

Improved Profitability.

Oredax IT specializes in flexible, scalable IT services, offering remote service desk support, chat services, IT asset audits, and forensic cybersecurity testing. We cater to large and mid-sized businesses globally, ensuring 24/7 availability through strategic partnerships. Our focus is on delivering tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and cybersecurity resilience, meeting diverse IT needs with expertise and reliability.

Trusted OEM Reseller​

We leverage our expansive EMEA network to forge strategic partnerships with renowned global vendors, ensuring efficient supply of diverse hardware solutions. Our portfolio spans client devices, enterprise equipment, networking infrastructure, and advanced security products. Through managed services, we meet multinational companies' regional needs with tailored solutions, promoting seamless operations and customer satisfaction. Our dedication lies in delivering exceptional service and customized solutions to optimize business performance globally.

New & Refurb Hardware

Partner with us to simplify OpEx and CapEx management. Our straightforward agreement streamlines procurement and optimizes datacentre operations. With broad access and efficient sourcing, we ensure uninterrupted performance and minimize downtime. Trust our dedicated team for timely delivery and exceptional service, allowing you to focus on core business while we handle datacentre parts complexities. Optimize operations and drive efficiency with our comprehensive support.

Industry Segments

Over the years we had built up our knowledge base and today we are proud to have dedicated personnel specialized in all industries


Customized IT solutions driving efficiency and innovation across the transportation industry, ensuring seamless operations and optimized performance


Customised specific IT solutions empowering educational institutions with innovation, efficiency, and seamless operational support for optimized performance


Advanced IT solutions designed to enhance efficiency and security in the finance industry, ensuring robust operational performance and compliance.


Ongoing Strategic IT solutions for telecoms, optimizing networks and customer experiences with reliable performance and innovative technology integration


Comprehensive IT solutions for manufacturing, enhancing production efficiency and supply chain management through innovative technology and reliable support

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Operational Excellence

Meticulously delivering projects with unparalleled efficiency.

Tailored IT Solutions

Crafting bespoke services that consistently exceed client expectations.

Industry Experts

Pioneering IT services with cutting-edge expertise and technology integration

Financial Foresight

Strategically managing costs, ensuring sustained profitability for our cusotmers

Team Empowerment

Fostering a culture of growth, skill development, and positivity within the Oredax IT Services family.

Strategic Collaborations

Forging tech partnerships to expand service offerings and stay at the forefront of IT innovation.

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